The wider Elati area, the Pertouli forests and Aspropotamos villages (Natura 2000 protected area) are of unique beauty, an ideal destination for relaxation and for activities in the wild.

Skiing at Pertouli

The Pertouli ski resort is 7 km outside Elati.
It is 1.170-1.370 meters high. There is a 1.400 metres track, with one double ski lift, and two (sliding) lifts for children, 350 and 200 metres, as well as one baby lift, 350 metres.
The snow track is for skiers of a learner level, ideal for first-timers. It also has a cross-country skiing track. The distance is: 4.743 m (unmarked)
Resort number: +30 2434-091385

Hiking - Cycling

The European long distance path E4 passes through Elati; so do a number of forest roads as well, spreading between the villages of Elati, Pertouli and Neraidochori.
They all are ideal for hiking and cycling through the area's lush green virgin forests. Stone bridges, abandoned paths and routes of unique beauty, waiting for you to discover them.

Rock climbing

At 1 km distance from Elati there is a climbing area (Kokkinos Vrachos). Kokkinos Vrachos is at a height of 68 metres; there are 5-6 climbing routes. The difficulty is VI to VIII, with a negative slope. Also, at the climbing area of Pyli there are dozens of routes that have a different degree of difficulty; these are for amateur and experienced climbers as well.


Elati is ideal for those who love climbing. There are a number of mountains and also a variety in routes and in the degree of difficulty. Some of the mountains in the area are: Koziakas, at 1.900 m high, Marossa, at 2.060 m high, Avgo, at 2.150 m high, Mpountoura, at 2.070 m high, Neraida, at 2.145 m high, Kakarditsa, at 2.430 m high, and so on.


At Elati at Magic Sport (Magic Sport mountain activities, tel. +30 2434-071192) but also in Pertouli prairies (Kerketion, tel. +30 24340 91208) you can ride a horse and wander in the woods, with or without a guide.

Road journeys

Pindos mountain range has a large number of routes: dreamed routes on paved roads or on dirt roads for (and not limited to) bikers and inaccessible forest roads for 4X4 wheeled vehicles. With Elati as your starting point, you can also visit Lake Plastira, Meteora, or even Metsovo; and if you are feeling adventurous, you can even visit Syrrako and Kalarrytes.

Snowmobile riding

During the winter months, our visitors can enjoy the snowy scenery by riding a snowmobile through forest roads (Kerketion, tel. +30 24340 91208).


At the prairies of Pertouli you can combine archery with being in an environment that looks like something taken out of a fairy tale.

Canoe-Kayak - Rafting

On Acheloos River you have the chance to try canoe-kayak or rafting during the summertime.


The icy water of the region's rivers is perfect for bold swimmers. In Aspropotamos there is an ideal spot for swimming at the villages Neraidochori and Pyrra, called "Gefyra Alexiou"; there you can find ponds of 3 metres depth.
Caution! The water is really cold with rapids, especially during the winter and spring. The ideal season is from mid July to the end of August, when the flow isn't that strong and the water is warmer.


Fishing with a fishing rod is allowed in every river of the area.

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Reunion of Sarakatsani

From 1983, every end of June (the last weekend of the month), there is the annual reunion of Sarakatsani at the prairies of Pertouli. A number of visitors from all over Greece and also from abroad reunite and watch several cultural events, like dancing, traditional wedding re-enactment, match-making re-enactment and other activities of the nomad life.

The festival of Agia Paraskevi

On July 26th, on the 3-day festival of Agia Paraskevi at Pyra, you can witness the re-enactment of several old customs.

Festival at Ropotos

There is a grand festival at the village on the third day after Easter at the church Agia Triada (Holy Trinity). The highlight for the visitors is listening to rare folk songs from Thessaly by traditional polyphonic choruses.

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