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Our first station has to be the Meteora mountain complex. A natural masterpiece; it looks like it was carved by an artist... Where religion meets nature at its most perfect.

Starting from Elati, there are two alternatives routes for Meteora (that give you the ability of a circular trip).


(60 to 70 km, depending on the route you will follow). ROUTE: Elati (direction to Trikala) - Pyli - Trikala - Kalambaka - Kastraki - Meteora. For your return, choose direction Igoumenitsa - Metsovo.
The route is Meteora - Kastraki - Mourgani bridge; turn left to Ampelakia - Chrissomilia – Pertouli; turn left and after 11 km you are in Elati.

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The prairies of Pertouli and the villages of Aspropotamos are the prime place the visitors of the Trikala prefecture prefer, next to Meteora.
It is a Natura 2000 protected area. The nature has remained untouched, with wild fauna and flora. The crystal clear water of the springs (the springs of Aspropotamos, or Acheloos river), the forests full of fir, beech trees, pine trees, oak trees and maple trees are of rare beauty.
Activities offered at Pertouli prairies and at the ski resort are skiing (depending on the season), hiking, archery, MTB cycling, horse-riding, snowmobile riding and many more.

THE ROUTE : The road is paved. Before your journey on the wintertime, though, you better ask about its condition and always have snow chains with you.
Start from Elati with direction to Pertouli - Neraidochori - Dessi - Agios Nikolaos; 10 km after Agios Nikolaos, at the bridge, take a right for Milia - Agia Paraskevi. The scenery here is magic. Aspropotamos at your left is whispering a song; the colours are different each time of the year.
Your destination is Kastania village, after Amarantos. Here you can stop for lunch. As you leave Kastania you follow the route to Milotopos, then Mourgani bridge, then Ampelia and then Chrissomilia; now you are at the prairies of Pertouli. At the end of the road follow the route towards Elati (11 km).

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(Elati - Kerassia - tour of Lake Plastira - Elati; length of suggested route, 165 km)
A trip to Lake Plastira is the choice of many visitors of Elati.

THE ROUTE : Elati (direction to Trikala) - Pyli - Palaiomonastiro (turn right towards Mouzaki at the traffic light) - Mouzaki - Kryopigi - Kerassia. This is where you have to choose your direction. You can take a tour at the lake, starting from Kerassia. Total length of the route, 55 km (1,3 to 2 hours at a low speed). You follow the same route to return.

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If you want to stay near Elati, there is a short route (round trip lasts one hour) that will lead you to a double uneven waterfall (of 12 and 2 metres).
THE ROUTE : Starting from Elati, follow the road towards Vrontero; you will meet in that order: Vrontero - Xylochori - Kalogeroi - Agios Prokopios; then turn right to Kato Palaiokaria. A bit further down there's a junction; you should follow the road to the left, to Kato Palaiokaria.
You will hear the murmur of river Palaiokaritis on your left. After you've crossed the bridge, and if you are driving a 4X4 wheel vehicle, you can follow the dirt road on your left; in about 250-300 meters you will arrive at the base of the traditional stone bridge (dated from the 16th century) and the waterfall.
If you stay on the main road, without turning at the dirt road, after 250 m you will come to a plane, where the staircases leading to the stone bridge above the waterfall are.

You can return using the same route or just go back to the main road till Stournareika and then choose the direction to Loggies. You will leave to your left the road you took when coming (with direction to Vrontero); drive 2 more kilometres and you will meet the Trikala - Elati junction.

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NOTE : These are mere suggestions. We are not liable for any mistakes, changes on weather conditions or on the road network.

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