When coming here, look for the road signs for Trikala at first; then, the signs for Pyli and Pertouli.
Once you are outside Trikala, you will start seeing the signs for Elati.
If you are using a GPS / Destinator device, ask for instructions to Elati-Pyli, Trikala-Thessaly.


Athens -> Fretzato hotel (view map)

360 km - about 4+ hours.
THE ROUTE: Take the Athens-Lamia highway (No75) with direction to Lamia; 2 km before you reach Lamia, turn to the right (E-65) towards Domokos-Karditsa-Trikala (without entering Karditsa or Trikala); take the provincial road to Pyli (E-60); direction Elati.

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Thessaloniki -> Fretzato hotel (view map)

254 km - about 2,5-3 hours.
THE ROUTE: Take the Thessaloniki-Katerini highway (E-75) till Larissa; then continue towards Trikala (E-92); without entering Trikala, take the Trikala ring road; continue straight to Karditsa at the first intersection; at the second intersection (where right is for Trikala and left for Karditsa) go straight towards Pyli. Then follow the signs towards Pyli-Elati (No 30).
Elati is 32 km outside Trikala, 59 km outside Karditsa, 93 km outside Larissa, 156 km outside Volos, 180 km outside Ioannina and 120 km outside Grevena.

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In the village (view map)

How to arrive to Fretzato traditional rooms.
As you come from Trikala-Pyli, you arrive at Elati and turn left (at the second road to your left after you have entered Elati) towards Vrontero;
take down the road and then take another left at 200 meters at the paved road (2nd road to your left).
30 more meters and you are in Fretzato.

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